Automate your gym, crossfit, or fitness centre.

Work Out Alert Campaign:

Use this tool to send out a “Work Out of the Day” email. This opt-in feature will keep your leads interested and active

New Prospect/Expressed Interest Campaign :

Educate new prospects by sending out a ten part email series about the history and benefits of Fitness

New Member Campaign:

Reach new members and keep them excited with a quarterly email series that will continually remind and encourage them about your Fitness memberships.

Local Outreach Campaign:

Reach people in your area and discover effective ways to capture local leads, and convert them into clients.

Box Visitor/Interview Campaign:

Keep gym visitors coming back for more with targeted follow up calls and emails

Discontinued Membership Campaign:

Don’t let members slip away! Learn how to prevent membership decline through surveys and follow up emails

Rollover 12 Month Campaign:

Nurture your leads over time with this gender-based email sequence to maintain contact with people who are not interested in joining now, but might later

Special Announcements Campaign:

Make your leads feel like they matter by sending out 7 to 10 holiday and special event announcements every year

Testimonial Request:

You work hard to make your clients happy.  Using this powerful campaign, ask them to refer your business by providing a testimonial to use on social media and your website.