Effective Turn-Key Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

These are our TOP Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

Reach more customers and jump start your commissions with these specifically engineered real estate marketing campaigns:

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1. General Listing Campaign:

Use this tool kit to build confidence in potential sellers so that they will understand the traps, pitfalls and options in the home selling process

2. Z-Buyer Campaign:

Find out strategies for successfully reaching out to your Z-buyer leads

3. COI / Past Client Campaign:

Connect with and qualify clients you have worked with in the past

4. Short-Sale Listing Campaign:

Build rapport with clients and educate the potential seller about the short-sale process.

5. General Buyer Campaign:

Stay in front of your valuable buyer leads, providing them with helpful guidance and consistent interaction in this very successful 24-month nurture campaign.

6. RentBO Campaign:

Bring solutions to customers who want to rent out their homes

7. FSBO Campaign:

Show customers how they can give value if they want to sell their homes “by owner”

8. Expired Listing Campaign:

Give your sellers insight and warnings about effectively selling their homes

Ready to start using the power of responsive marketing to jumpstart your real estate sales?